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Car Snow Anti Skid Tire Chain ❄🚗 UP TO 60% OFF NOW! 🚗❄

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Driving in the snow, annoying slipping? Now, our product can easily solve your troubles!

At least 3 snow chains are recommended for each tire.

 This Anti-skid snow chain tire is specially designed for car tires.

It is used to increase the friction with the road surface and generally protects the tire from snow and muddy roads. 

Prevent the tire from slipping and ensures the normal running of the vehicle.

Especially on the snowy road in winter, it can effectively ensure the smooth running of the vehicle.


High-quality material

Tire snow chains are made of pure, high-quality steel, thick TPU, steel studs, and aluminum alloy fasteners. They are resistant to cold and aging and durable to ensure durability and service life.


    Thanks to its excellent traction, it can be securely mounted on the tire and provides perfect traction and grip on a smooth surface. Whether you are experiencing sand, dirt, or snow, this non-slip safety chain works well or climbs.

    Steel Car Tire Anti-skid Chain

    QM1-YL (7)

    Reasonable Hollow Design

     Alloy steel nail X-shaped cross-distribution effectively eliminates snow, enhances the anti-slip effect, the stability of the triangle to make the anti-slip effect more stable, with minimum braking distance and maximum traction sliding.

      QM1-YL (11)


      Special Design can be applied to all the models of the tire width. It can be applied to all the models of the tire width 6.5”-10.8”(165mm-275mm) for cars, SUVs, and trucks. Best for ice road, snow road, and mud road.

      Easy to install

       The car safety chain is easy to install, suitable for all men and women to install, does not require a jack, does not require disassembly of the tires, it is safe to use, and has a simple tension adjustment strap For the chain, making it easy to mount your device to the tire.


       Built with lightweight materials, it is easy to transport and store in all standard vehicle storage compartments.

      Package list:

      6*Snow chains ;

      1*User manual ;

      1*Gloves ;

      1*Snow scraper

      1* Wrench


      QM1-YL (12)

      (Notices: Used for Emergency, limited speed: ≤ 40km / h)