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Christmas Tree Cat Bed 😻NOW 50% OFF!🌲

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 Cats are always eager to get into the spirit of Christmas, their inclination towards climbing your Christmas trees a valid proof of this. But if you don’t want your cat snooping up your Christmas tree to get a piece of the action of the festive season, this Christmas Tree Cat Bed will help you keep it in check. Its size is ideal for small cats and dogs, giving them enough space to burrow and snuggle in.

Made from soft cotton fleece fabric, our Christmas decor cat house provides your cat with a structure they’ll be proud to lounge and roll around in all day. Its soft, elastic, and cozy makeup will make your pet enjoy every second it rolls around and sleeps inside it.


Plus, cats are naturally attracted to the scent of wool, so your furry friend will find our Christmas decor cat house highly enchanting. The lanolin content of the wool has medicinal properties that can help keep your pet’s fur and paws in good condition. The cave design also makes it highly appealing to your cat, providing a warm, cozy space where your pet can take shelter from cold air. It’s also designed to retain warm air and ambient temperatures inside it.


The cat house is also crafted to look like a Christmas tree. With its pine-cone shape and green color, your cats won’t even notice your Christmas tree while it gets engrossed within the house. It’s not hard to figure out why your cat would be so enchanted by the cat house; even your visitors and loved ones will adore it as a Christmas decor on the side of a room. It’s also super-easy to clean and maintain; it’s machine washable. It also comes with a proprietary fabric bottom that prevents it from scratching your floor, while also giving it great stability, durability, and a cheeky aesthetic.       


  • Comfortable nest for your cat
    This is made of soft fabric and cushion to make sure your cat rests comfortably and happily.
  • Christmas Tree Fun way
    Perfect for the holidays! Inject the Christmas spirit into your pets by giving them a holiday-themed gift!
  • Insulates Heat
    The nest is uniquely shaped to keep cold air outside and keep warm air inside.
  • Removable cushion
    Too hot for your pet? Take out the inner pillow so your cat can still have a place to relax and unwind! 


  • Small: 48x40x40cm   
  • Large: 60x42x40cm


  • 1 x Christmas Tree Cat Bed