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Multifunction Digital Clock

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Not Just Your Ordinary Clock..

It is not only a clock, but also a fashionable modern art decoration, very suitable for places such as bedroom, living room, office and so on.

Digital Alarm Clock with 7-inch LED Mirror
This Digital Alarm Clock has a 7-inch huge LED mirror display that allows you to see the time from afar, is bright and easy to read, and is great for families, particularly the elderly. An ultra-thin body can be also used as a mirror.

Smart Touch Snooze Button
When the alarm goes off, the buzzer will go off for 2 minutes, giving you a buffer time to avoid oversleeping. The snooze touch button on the digital alarm clock is positioned on the top of the clock and can be quickly switched off without opening your eyes. To prevent oversleeping, the alarm will ring every 5 minutes until it is shut off entirely. You may select a snooze time of 5-60 minutes, which is a suitable option for those who sleep a lot. Make life easier and more convenient for yourself.

Unique Dual USB Charging & Memory Function
Dual USB charging ports allow you to charge two devices at the same time, so you can charge your phone and tablet at the same time. Card buckle type battery cover, easy disassembly without tools, backup memory batteries (included) can store time in case of power failure(Note: The battery can only be used to memorize time and must be connected to a USB cable to be used)

Intelligent Light Sensor
There are three brightness levels on our digital alarm clock: low, medium, and high. It can be set manually or automatically. In night mode, the screen brightness is automatically reduced, so no distracting lights or sounds will wake you up. The humanized design creates a relaxing environment for sleeping.


Digital Alarm Clock x 1
Battery x 1
USB Charging Cable x 1
Instruction Manual x 1