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Mystic Hourglass!

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The Illusion of Time | Mystic Hourglass

Staggered pyramids and time were two concepts that sculpted Mayan culture. Their ingenuity and breathtaking art has continued to fascinate the world for generations.

Our latest incense burner pays homage to this mysterious culture by combining these two mystical themes. Exclusive to Incense Falls, our artisans make each burner from scratch to ensure the highest quality.

If you are suffering from a lack of connection to self or feel that time flies by, meditating on this incense burner will bring you closer to yourself and pull you back to the present.

Accompany this with ancient Mayan music to transcend this reality and enter a new one.

As with all of our incense burners, Mystic Hourglass is compatible with any of our Incense Cones, seamlessly working together to create a mesmerizing & calming flowing cascade effect.

The benefits of aromatherapy using Mystic Hourglass:

Pain management
Improved quality of sleep
Reducing stress & anxiety
Inducing calmness & a feeling of well-being
Improved digestive functions
Strengthen the immune system
Management of minor ailments such as headaches & sore joints


Every order comes with:

* [x1] 3.5” x 7” (9cm x 17.5cm) Mystic Hourglass Incense Burner

* A sample 10-pack of various scented incense cones

* Due to the recent events with COVID-19 shipping may take up to 4 weeks