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Waterproof Cat Litter Mat 📣MEGA SALE! 60% OFF!

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Open Edge Design Litter Mats

How to clean it?

This reusable throw pad makes cleaning virtually uncomplicated. Just place your cat litter box in front of the cat litter box. As you leave, your cat will walk over the honeycomb mat, leaving waste, fecal matter, and other unhygienic particles on the upholstery - not on your floors or furniture. To empty, just shake the carpet in the trash or outdoors, let it spray, and use it again.


Can it prevent urine streaming around?

Sure. Besides the raw material itself is waterproof, Waterproof Cat Litter Mat is processed by special crafts. Therefore you don't have to worry about urine streaming around the floor!

Open Edge Design Litter Mats

How to deal with the folds when you get your mat?

1. Put some weights on the folds ( raised side) for a few days, it will recover into original shape soon.

2. Use a hairdryer, heat the folds till it reaches a certain temperature. Fold it in the opposite direction.



Material: Oxford cloth + EVA

Size: 30x45cm 40x50cm 46x60cm 55x70cm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x  Waterproof Cat Litter Mat